Social Media Key to Emergency Communications

With its steady rise in popularity, social media has become a key part of emergency communications.  Local, state, and federal agencies are striving to keep up with the shift.  Experts such as Mr. Maurice J. Watkins of Wilberforce University are teaching how to effectively use these technologies.

“Federal, state, and local governments are getting involved with social media rapidly, but there is a learning curve,” says Mr. Watkins. “Most of these technologies have emerged in the last ten years.”

On May 23, Mr. Watkins represented Wilberforce University on an expert panel at the 2012 National Homeland Security Conference.  He is also scheduled to speak to the Ohio Public Safety Public Information Officers Symposium on September 12.  His presentations typically focus on basic information and planning social media presence.

“Social Media is really about engaging with the community. You can’t wait until an emergency strikes to introduce yourself online. Trust must be built – even on the Internet,” Mr. Watkins claims.


About mjwatkins

Outreach Coordinator for Disaster Management & Recovery at Wilberforce University (a NNSA Research Initiative). I work on our educational and promotional activities.
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